1. Upon submission of the APPLICATION ENQUIRY FORM, if there is space available in the applicable classroom for the learner’s age group – an interview appointment will be set up, (either individually or in a small group with other prospective new parents), and for this initial meeting, if possible, we request for both parents to attend.

2. Included with the interview, is an opportunity for prospective new parents and staff to meet, to take a tour of the school, and have an opportunity to ask any questions.

3. After parents have attended an interview and would like to place their child in the school, they will receive an official APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION document – which must then be completed in full and returned to the school in hard copy (and not via email) within 5 days after the interview.

4. It is the responsibility of the parent to:

  • Complete all of the pages of the APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION document accurately. The application will be nullified if the school becomes aware of the submission of any false information.

  • Supply all of the necessary supporting documents, certified I.D copies, passport size photo of your child in full, with the return of the APPLICATION ADMISSION FORM.  Failing which, missing or incomplete supporting documents will result in the application process being delayed.


5. A decision will be made:

  • After we have received the completed APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION in hard copy.

  • After your child has spent a short meet and greet time at the school. (A learner must benefit from the curriculum offered for the age group and it is, therefore, necessary to assess each APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION. Applicants are assessed according to the standard entry requirements.)


6. Parents will be notified in writing if their application has been successful or not.


7. If the application is successful, the child will be registered into the school and parents will receive a SCHOOL WELCOME PACK which will consist of, (but not limited to) : 

  • The School Prospectus

  • The School Policy Documents

  • The Fee Structure and Financial Arrangements

  • Signed Pupil Pledge (Grade R – Grade 7)

  • Signed Declaration of Parent/Guardian


Please note that by attending the interview and completing the application admission form, DOES NOT automatically guarantee acceptance.  All applications submitted will receive equal consideration.

If the school cannot accept the learner within the preferred time frame given by the parents under “date of admission” on the admission enquiry form, parents will have the option to put their child onto a waiting list.

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