1.  Admission Principles

  • No applicant learner may be refused or discriminated against on the grounds of race, religion or culture.

  • Admission to Oakview Academy may only be obtained by application on the required application form.  Parents are advised to enrol as soon as possible.  Enrolling early increases the chance of being accepted, (but does not guarantee acceptance).

  • Oakview Academy is not restricted by either time frames for enrolment or zoned area requirements.  We will review applications all year round and we will consider children outside of the zoned residential area.

  • Children already enrolled in Oakview Academy from Toddlers to Grade 00 will receive preference to enter into the next Grade, before consideration/placement of new applicants outside of the school.

  • To move into the Primary School section, children in Grade R will need to apply for Grade 1.  

2.  Oakview Academy is an English medium school.


3.  It is compulsory that each child that we enrol has an identity number.  Foreign Nationals are to ensure that this is available and that the study documents form the Department of Home Affairs are in order.


4.  Classes

  • Children are accepted into age-appropriate classes, (except in special circumstances).

  • Oakview Academy offers quality education under optimal conditions.  In order to promote this optimal education, we believe it prudent to keep the class sizes within reasonable manageable parameters in the various development and grade phases.


5.  Fees

  • Oakview Academy is a fee-paying school for twelve months of the year.

  • For 2021 there is a once-off non-refundable enrolment fee of R1 000.00 and must be paid upon the child being accepted at Oakview Academy.

  • School fees for 2021 will be ratified at the Budget Presentation in late October 2020 and will be made available to parents by the end of the school year. 

  • The current 2020 school fees are R2 750.00 per child for a full day (with discounts given to siblings), and R2 400.00 per child for half-day (with discounts given to siblings).

  • School fees are paid in advance of each month.

  • Discounts are offered for payment in advance for a six-month period or for a twelve-month period of the year.


6.  Decision Making Authority

  • Final admission of the Applicant Learner to the school is determined on the criteria as set out herein, the Enrolment criteria are at the discretion of the Board of Directors, the Principal and where appropriate after consultation and referrals to, the Teacher.


We trust that your child’s stay at Oakview Academy will be a happy and educationally stimulating one.


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