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At Oakview Academy, our enhanced curriculum provides a strong basis in the Foundation Phase Primary School and continues to build the skills and knowledge required to succeed in the Intermediate Phase Primary School, High School and beyond.

We believe in providing children with a high-quality education under optimal conditions. 


We believe it prudent to keep the class sizes within reasonable manageable parameters in the various development and grade phases, and therefore our class sizes are relatively small.  


Our classes are led by a wonderful team of qualified, experienced and forward-thinking teachers, who are hands-on, believe in building close relationships with their learners and work closely with each learner within the South African National CAPS curriculum. 


In addition to CAPS, our education and learning are delivered using innovative methods with an additional supplementary curriculum for learners to achieve the expected competencies in the core academic skills of each development phase and grade. 

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(Grade R)

Grade R

Early learners have an innate wish to explore their world and Oakview Academy provides such a platform with the goal to produce confident, independent learners. 


The early years of children’s formal education is the foundation upon which future academic and life skills are built.  Work ethic and basic work patterns are set in a child’s formative school years, and the love of learning blossoms in the classroom that is supportive, dynamic, varied, balanced and positive.   


We focus on an integrated curriculum with specialized educational programs in the following areas :

  • Mathematics / Number Skills   

  • English Home Language

  • Life Skills development

  • Perceptual development

  • Creative Art 

  • Movement 

  • Group Activities  

  • Individual Activities  


Grade R is the bridge from the concrete world to the world of symbols and numbers in Grade 1.

(Grade 1 – Grade 3)

Grades 1 to 3 –

These grades focus on perceptual development and exposure to relevant content, skills and knowledge that are required for further learning.

We focus on an integrated curriculum with specialized educational programs in the following areas:

  • Mathematics

  • English Home Language 

  • Afrikaans Second Language

  • Life Skills 

  • Perceptual Development

  • Introduction to a 3rd Language 

  • Creative Art 

  • Movement 

  • Group Work  

  • Individual Work  

We create opportunities for personal growth in independence and responsibility as a bridge so that our learners take up the challenge of being personally responsible and accountable for their actions in the intermediate phase, Grades 4 - 7.

INTERMEDIATE PHASE (Gr 4 - 6) / (and Gr 7)


Intermediate Phase (Gr 4 – 6) / (and Gr 7)

This section is under construction

However, integrated into the required curriculum for these Grades, our aim is to embrace 21st-century learning, by including technology in our school, we will teach children to become “digitally savvy”.

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