We offer a home from home experience for our children as they spend their day in a warm, friendly, and safe environment.   We believe in giving each child love, encouragement, support, praise, and positive reinforcement. 

Essential life skills are developed and Learners are encouraged to work at their own pace towards reaching their full potential.  We do not lose sight of the fact that creativity is more important than the final result.

Children will attend the class which is age appropriate for them,


Young Toddlers : age 16 months to 24+ months


Older Toddlers : age 2 turning 3 years old


Grade 000 : age 3 turning 4 years old


Grade 00 : age 4 turning 5 years old


Grade R : age 5 turning 6 years old

A Girl in a Classroom
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Image by Amber Faust
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We have five playgrounds so that children making use of the various playgrounds will be of similar ages, have similar energy levels, be of similar size, and have similar play interests.


  1. Children must be personally handed to the teacher on reception duty.  Similarly, no child will be allowed to leave the school unattended.

  2. Please kindly inform us in the morning as early as possible if your child is going to be absent.

  3. Parents are required to sign their child out on departure from school daily.

  4. Children may not bring home toys to school on any day, unless this is requested by their teacher on special days. 

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