General Hours :


The school doors will open at 07h00, and school doors will close at 17h30 daily from Monday to Friday.


Arrival Time For Half-Day and Full-Day Children:


  • Morning arrival time starts at 07h00 from Monday to Friday. 

  • If your child is going to have school breakfast, he/she should arrive at school no later than 07h15.

  • For children that do not arrive at the open time or who do not have breakfast at school, the latest time to arrive in the morning for all children in all classes is up to 07h55. Our school bell rings at 08h00 to start the school day. 


Fetching Time for Half Day Children:


  • All Toddlers leave school at 12h20.

  • All Grade 000, Grade 00 and Grade R leave at 12h50.

  • All Grade 1 children leave at 13h00. 


Fetching Time for Full Day Children:


  • Full-day children in all classes leave anytime in the afternoon from between 15h15 and 17h20.

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