Our chef at school will provide, 


We start our day with a nourishing, delicious porridge.



A healthy cooked lunch Monday to Thursday and on Friday the children enjoy hot dogs and chips.  


Mid-Afternoon Snack

we enjoy a group picnic at school at mid-afternoon every day.  Our children are served a healthy snack.

Parents Are To Provide 

A healthy Mid-Morning Snack box and Refreshment for the day.  We will supply many snack box ideas on our School Prospectus.

We take note of children’s medical dietary needs, and respectful of religious dietary requirements.


As part of a life skills exercise, Friday is our tuckshop day.  Our children will come to the tuckshop with their teacher to do their shopping.  This is a life skill exercise for the children in that they learn the value of money and how to work with it. 



Birthdays are special.  All arrangements for this day need to be discussed with the class teacher at least a week prior.  Most children will have their birthday celebration at school during school time. 

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